Integrated PV

 BIPV provides a cost-effective alternative in construction that will provide ongoing energy for the building's occupants or community built seamlessly into the fabric of the building.

Leeson Group have partnered with quality technology driven companies from around the globe to provide our clients with the world's leading products in BIPV. There are many ways Leeson Group can integrate photovoltaics into the design of your project.

Leeson Group can provide consultancy, design and installation services for all BIPV needs. With a project history throughout Australia and South East Asia we not only have experience in the BIPV field but we are also at the forefront of the development of new products designed to meet or exceed Australian Standards for design and installation. 

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Leeson Solar Panel

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Leeson Solar Pty Ltd is a Registered Electrical Contractor in: Victoria REC 26438, Queensland 83411, New South Wales 327043c