Community Solar

With the Montmorency Community Groups government 'Pick My Project' grant, Leeson Group have installed solar for non-profit businesses focused on helping those in the community.

What They Get


Free Solar Power System

Paid for by the grant


Reduced Energy Bills

Using free energy from solar

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Renewable Energy

Sustainable & Clean Electricity


Solar Power Monitoring

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The Importance of Helping Our Community

As locals to Eltham, we understand how important community is to its members. There are many community groups organised by not-for-profit businesses; all solely focused on helping those that need an extra hand.

The people involved with running these groups are our neighbours, friends and family members that are a part of the same community—putting in their time and energy towards helping others.

Leeson Solar partnered with Alan Cuthbertson at Montmorency Community Group to provide free solar for those businesses to help reduce their electricity costs and have a more sustainable impact.

It has been an inspiring journey doing the design, supply and install of solar for these groups while learning about what they do and how they do it. Their interest in helping others improve wellbeing is a powerful and inspiring story that we are delighted to share with you here.


Completed Community Jobs

A few of our Community Solar Power Systems

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Cross Generation Church

A 7.92kW Solar Power system with Suntech 330W solar panels and a SMA Tripower 6 solar inverter.

Wallace Street Ivanhoe (Scout hall).jpg

10th Ivanhoe Scout Hall

A 5.2kW Solar Power System with 19 x Suntech 275W solar panels and a SMA solar inverter.


Diamond Creek Mens Shed

 A 5.28kW solar power system with 16 x Trina 330W solar panels and a SMA solar inverter.


Rosanna Uniting Church

A 10.56kW Solar Power system with 32 x Trina 330W solar panels and a SMA Tripower 8 solar inverter.


Textile Art Community

A 7.92kW Solar Power System with 24 x Trina 330W solar panels and a SMA Tripower 6 Inverter.

Eltham Men's 


Working together with metal, woodwork, bike restoration and more, the community members of the Eltham Men Shed are independently rebuilding their location hub themselves.


Their group helps men from all sorts of life and challenges in coming together socially and working towards building a space they can feel safe, valued and understood. 


Using plenty of machinery throughout the day they looked to reduce their electricity costs with solar.

A 6.6kW Solar Power system with 20 x Jinko 330W solar panels and a SMA solar inverter.


Whose involved

Alan Cuthbertson is a local community member who has been very involved in fighting climate change and is now running this program.


Montmorency Community Group a grass-roots, non-profit organisation creating a positive vision for the future, where we can form close community ties, and network with the myriad of environmental organisations, and work with local Councils and businesses to accelerate the pace of change we must make, in order to effectively tackle the twin challenges of peak oil and climate change.


Leeson Group are an award-winning local solar installation company.The costs they supply panels for is approximately $1200/kW.

How it all works

Does our business qualify?

Any not for profit group in Banyule or nearby, are elegible provided they do not have panels already installed and have a suitable roof. Note: If you do not own your own roof, we can (with your permission) talk to the owner to gain their approval.

Solar Design and Installation

Between Montmorency Community group, Leeson Group and yourself, we determine the appropriate system and size. The system is designed and installed by Leeson Group, which we anticipate the systems ranging from 3-10kW in size, costing $4000 to $12000 covered by the grant.

What happens after installation?

After the grant has covered all the costs of the installation and your solar system is up and running.

Reinvestment of Your Payments

The repayments will be used to buy panels for disadvantaged people, and they too will pay us back out of savings.Business Benefits of Solar What's happening in Australia. How does that work? The repayments are made on the savings you make from the system. The aim is to pay back the system in 10 years. So 10% every year. E.g. a $10,000 solar system will be aiming to make repayments of $1000 every year. The system needs to make $1000 or more in savings to make this 10% repayment. If it doesn't make 10%, let's say the system saves $750 on their electricity bill. Then they will only pay $750. If they save $1500, then they still only pay the 10%, $1000, per year and keep the remaining savings.

Montmorency Community Group accepts all risks involved

- If the system underperforms, you pay a reduced amount. - If the panels are destroyed by fire or hailstones, you repay nothing. - If you stop using the building, the new occupants pay. - If the building is to be demolished, we may elect to remove the panels first, but you will not pay anything. - If the amount paid via Feed In Tarrifs (currently 11cents/kwh) reduces significantly, we will reduce repayments unless it is clear you are benefiting significantly from using the power yourself.

A 26.4kW Solar Power system with Suntech 330W solar panels and a SMA STP20 solar inverter.

St Georges Parish

It was lovely to work with people who cared so much about their impact on the world and the people in it.


Reverend John Sanderson, who began his journey with St Georges 2 years ago, has been immensely focused on bringing its history back to the church. Particularly reinstalling the original decor from its 60's beginning.  


The church is used for many community groups in Ivanhoe and the dedication towards renewable energy has been inspiring.


The system installed has been designed to further add panels down the track to assist with offsetting solar energy to the grid to help the community use less carbon fuel electricity, further helping our planet.  


Want to apply for your business? Or maybe you are a part of this community and would like to know more about solar for your home?

Thank you, we will reach out to you soon.