Girgarre Solar Farm is a 100MW DC Solar Power Farm under development in South-West of Kyabram. The Solar Farm will provide energy to the regions farms and towns.
The project is owned and developed by the Leeson Group.

The development and construction of Grey Box Energy Field will produce substantial benefits for the local community including an expected 100 jobs employed at the peak of construction and ongoing employment for maintenance and operations.

The project will also provide benefits for other sectors in the local community including accommodation, food services and fuel to name a few.

Community Consultation

Leeson Group is committed to continued community engagement providing honest engagement and documented feedback to the community and stakeholders.


Our process is to:

ENGAGE - Engaging with the community and stakeholders to ensure they are informed of the factual status of the project.

DISCUSS - Communicate with all community and stake holders to address issues and concerns with the project.

RESPOND - Responding to the issues and concerns of stakeholders ensuring that transparency is maintained throughout the development, construction, operations and decommissioning of the project.

Our project will be part of the economic progression of the region and will uphold the communities, shires and states environmental and social benefits and impact requirements. Below we have outlined common questions in relation to our project. 


Use of Agricultural Land:


The project utilises both a north and south lot, as the more productive agricultural land is in the centre of the site. The land is also not intensively farmed and only used for cropping.

Devaluation of Neighbouring Properties: 

Implementation of large amounts of landscaping so the solar farm cannot be seen from the road or neighbouring properties is something we implemented through the initial project consultation process. This consultation also extended to the strategic positioning of the site entry on the southwest corner of the site. Once the vegetation screening has grown there will be no visual effect on neighbouring properties. 


Improvements such as access tracks, property maintenance, pest control and local environmental and economic benefits may have a positive effect on property values.


Due to the low maintenance of solar farms, the operational phase of the project will be no greater than standard operations of the existing farm.


The solar module manufacturing process, shipping and installation will create a certain level of carbon dioxide, generally, a solar farm will offset the carbon the manufacturing and construction process has produced in 2 - 3 years. The project life being 30 years means that many more times the carbon produced from the manufacturing and construction process is reduced every year from electricity generation in Australia.  


The management plans for the project will include a strict policy for the decommissioning of the solar farm and recycling of all the solar panels, steel, aluminum, inverters, transformers and other equipment imported to the site.


Development Approval Granted - May 2018


Development Approval - Submitted February 2018

Grid Connection - Submitted 2017

If you would like to engage with Leeson Group in relation to this project then please call our team on 1300 887 007 or complete the Community Engagement Form below.