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System Size
99.735 KW
SJ Higgins
Helping them with their sustainability strategy.
HammondCare set targets to reduce energy consumption per m2 by 20% and increase renewable energy to 20% of the total energy used, by year 2023.

Reaching a 20% increase in renewable energy.

The design of this installation spread across four buildings at different stages of construction. Using  components with a proven track record of low rates of failure and creating minimal impact on site. 
Inverter Modules
Leeson Solar only uses quality industry
leading inverters from SMA (Germany) and Fronius (Austria). Their ease of installation and commissioning, simplicity of monitoring and bullet-proof nature makes them an ideal
choice for all PV systems. For this installation, Fronius was a client specified requirement.
Solar Modules
Suntech STP305S-20/WFM, monocrystalline 305 watt panels for their proven track record of quality and warranty support in Australia, plus being a financially secure company, makes them a logical solution for environmentally minded clients with long term sustainability ambitions.