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Solar Storage

It's time to make your home sustainable.

Be smart.

Go renewable.

Improves your solar systems capability

The ability to store energy allows you to be less dependent on the grid for additional power.

Adds asset value to your home

Increase the value of your property with solar, an investment that also pays for itself.


Solar Power

for night use

Stores surplus energy to use at night instead of exporting to the grid.

Makes your home sustainable

By using solar energy instead of the energy from the grid it reduces your carbon footprint. 



Designed and engineered in Germany, the Sonnen Batteries are assembled in Australia. They are long lasting, safe, economic and have a 10 year warranty. 

Be a leader. Take action.

Whether you're at home with your family, have high power bills or even already have solar on your roof, we have an offer ready for you.

Family under
your roof?
Sonnen Battery (4kWh) + 5.28kW PV System

1 x 5kW SMA Sunnyboy Inverter

16 x Trina 330 W Panels

1 x 3 Phase Sonnen Battery 4kWh

$1888 Vic Solar Rebate


inc gst

Families from 3-5


inc gst

1 x 5kW SMA Sunnyboy Inverter

16 x Trina 330 W Panels

1 x 3 Phase Sonnen Battery 8kWh

$1888 Vic Solar Rebate

Sonnen Battery (8kWh) + 5.28kW PV System
Have high
power bills?
Many electricity appliances /
Families 5 + over
have solar?
Sonnen Battery

1 x 3 Phase Sonnen Battery 8kWh

Upgrade your solar with a battery to use free energy at all times.


inc gst

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