Mill Park Community Centre

System Size
Mill Park
City of Whittlesea
Technical panel layout design for multiple tree shading angles
As part of City of Whittlesea's sustainability target, Leeson Solar was successfully awarded this project to help the client reduce their carbon footprint and electricity costs. 

Optimised solar for amongst trees 

Mill Park's community centres building is surrounded by tall native gum trees and roof is spotted with multiple obstacles. The design layout therefore was carefully engineered to reach the clients required usage.
Energy Storage System
A Sonnen Eco 8.0 - 3 Phase -24kWh was used due to the increased usage demand and potential night time use.
Solar Modules
Leeson Solar designed, supplied and installed this system with 100 Jinko 330W Panels on top of multiple roof platforms to achieve the desired system size outcome.
Inverter Modules
As requested by the client, 100 Enphase IQ7+ Microinverters were used under each panel for this system to optimise efficiency and reduce impact by shading.