'Pica' Apartments

System Size
A seamless BIPV array to increase energy self-sufficiency.
Yarra City Council is part of the Melbourne Renewable Energy Project to increase renewables uptake. Since the 1st of January 2019 Yarra City Council have been sourcing 100% of their electricity needs from renewable sources.

A solar window facade.

This gave the façade a clean and uniform aesthetic, ultimately making the installation blend with the building to the point it is not recognisable as a solar array.
As with all Leeson Solar projects, our in house engineering team provide installation teams and glazing contractors with detailed engineering and layout drawings. This ensures the construction and installation is seamless and the continuity of quality throughout the entire installation is achievable
Inverter Modules
Leeson Solar only uses quality industry
leading inverters from SMA (Germany) and Fronius (Austria). Their ease of installation and commissioning, simplicity of monitoring and bullet-proof nature makes them an ideal
choice for all PV systems. For this installation, SMA STP5.0 - 3 AV - 40 and SMA SB4.0 - 1AV - 40 were chosen. 
Solar Modules
Leeson Solar designed a unique solution incorporating Solibro frameless 140 watt modules, built as a custom curtain wall in a Victorian manufacturing facility and then mounted onsite to the façade of the building.