Hieu Nguyen to present at the Solar Masterclass Series at All-Energy Australia 2018

Leeson Groups Technical Director Hieu Nguyen will be presenting at All Energy Australia on Thursday the 4th of October. Hieu will present on how the electrical power system in Australia is experiencing a rapid change with a large amount of renewable generating plants connecting to the grid to replace the ageing coal power plants and reduce the industry CO2 emission. Both the Finkel review the recently published AEMO Integrated System Plan agree that an addition of several gigawatts of renewable generating plants mainly solar, wind and storage are needed to maintain the security of Australia's energy future. This presentation will talk about the grid connection process for large scale solar farms in Australia from feasibility study and preliminary enquiry stage to plant commissioning and commercial operation, and challenges project developers/investors/owners may face at each stage.

Hieu Nguyen is the Technical Director of Power System at Leeson Group where he manages a team of power system engineers and external consultants to complete the grid connection process for large scale solar farms and storage systems from feasibility study stage to grid connection agreement to plant commissioning. Hieu has a PhD degree in Power System Engineering and extensive experience in the power engineering industry in both consulting and OEM/project developer environments. His areas of technical expertise include grid integration of renewable energy plants, power system modelling and analysis.

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