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Updated: Nov 14, 2019

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October 22nd to 24th was a big few days for the renewable energy industry with the All-Energy Expo and Clean Energy Council Careers Expo!

The Leeson Group team who attended to support and assist the event were thrilled to see such a large amount of individuals and companies, excited for the progression of a better future for Australians.


While we celebrate the many positive outcomes in the renewable energy industry, Leeson Group's focus on the event was a crucial yet unfortunately overlooked solar industry matter, Health and Safety.

Peter Leeson (Director of Leeson Group) chaired the Health and Safety Presentation with panellists Annie Panow (Psycholgostist at AccessEAP), Cameron Ellis (Senior Construction Advisor and Technical Inspector at WorkSafe), Shenae Williams (Senior Associate at PWC) and Glenn Heatley (Height Safety Consultant at New Heights Training).

Keep Solar Safe. Solar Industry health and safety

THE CONCERN #keepsolarsafe

Health and safety is a big concern in the solar industry as one of the most dangerous jobs across the industry is performing work on rooftops. The environment of a solar installers work, directly places them at risk from falls at heights. While there are safety measures to be followed to help minimise these risks, there is a much-needed improvement in Australia on safety implementation for workers and business owners.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics did a study that revealed approximately one in five Australian adults will experience at least one common form of mental illness throughout any given year e.g. depression and anxiety.

When employees are struggling with mental health, the majority try to hide their symptoms because they feel ashamed of the difficulties they are having and become more concerned with what others might think. Businesses have an essential role in supporting employees by educating and creating an open dialogue around mental health.

With Peter Leeson spearheading the leadership towards Health and Safety, every job we undertake at Leeson Group implements measures to ensure that safety hazards are not only identified but controlled before our installers access the roof.

While this may sometimes increase the jobs timeframe and costs for a client, this is something we do not budge on. Our staffs' health and safety are paramount, and we encourage the industry to follow suit in keeping our installers safe.


For more information on Health and Safety requirements, visit the below websites.


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