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Are you lazy?

Laziness. The act of doing nothing when one can. We're all guilty of it at one point or another. The question is - how is it affecting us? Considering we are a solar company, we'll explain where we see laziness regularly and why we work hard to kick you out of that layabout mode for your benefit.

Many are too LAZY to take the next step.

Yes, we know - we're all busy and have more pressing priorities like scrolling through our news feed, but while you sit there being lazy about taking action on solar power - it hurts you. Because right now, solar has never been as cheap as it is, and the critical part is that it will not last.

Solar isn't going to stay CHEAP.

The Victorian Solar Rebate pays $1888 for your solar system and even offers an added loan of $1888 to pay off over four years. So your upfront cost for solar power is only $1000!

Sounds good, we know. But that's just the money side of things. What about the system size, the products, the solar companies? Where does one even start with researching all that?

Because $1000 is still $1000 of money from your pocket, and you want to make sure that you're getting the best deal.

We're all the same.

NEWS FLASH. As long as you are getting your solar from a CEC-approved solar installer and you talk to them about your preferences for a more affordable or premium system, they will set it up with the best deal because guess what? We are all very much similar in our services.

Yes, that's right! Because we all went through a vigorous process to become CEC accredited and offer a premium solar standard, we all price and offer roughly the same service. All our boxes are ticked to keep you and us safe. So reach out and go with whom you feel comfortable!

Ok. It's time. Don't be lazy.

Call us on 1300 887 007 right now. Right, this second. Do it. Chat to our team and find out all your questions within 4 minutes and get a quote! And then, you can be lazy all you want because the rest is up to us.

Get excited; you're about to take action on solar.

1300 887 007.

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