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Going for a hit of golf?

The future is here with IQ7+, and we're installing 152kW of them for Whittlesea Council!

Unless you use microinverters, these inverters sit underneath each solar panel instead of being wired down to a string inverter elsewhere. Each panel performs on its own and at higher energy efficiency. So when shade hits a panel, it only affects the performance of that one panel - creating a far more efficient system. Microinverters also allow for individual monitoring of the solar panels, making it easier to identify faults.

The Leeson Group team are out installing 152kW across three council buildings, including a 51 kW system with 152 panels at Growling Frog Golf Club this week with Enphase microinverters, so if you're going down for a hit of golf - be sure to look out for us! For more information on Enphase, visit their website: https://enphase.com/en-au/products-and-services/microinverters  

Growling Frog Golf Course Solar Power System

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