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Leeson Solar - CEC Solar Design and Installation Award Winner 2015

As we prepared our application for the 2019 CEC Solar Design and Installation Awards last week, we took a look back at one of our past wins.

The design brief for this project was to design and install a flexible photovoltaic system that follows the curve of the roof. The system needed to be lightweight, flexible and installed to the Port of Melbourne’s high standard of occupation health and safety. The project also had to be installed in a port shutdown period creating short timeframes for site works.

Whilst several manufacturers of flexible solar modules are currently on the market, we selected a high-quality product manufactured in California. The quality of the solar module and high efficiency meant we could increase the system peak wattage by 40% and also give better warranties for the adhesion to our mounting system.

The mounting system required the most research and engineering for the project. We had to select products to fix to a curved steel corrugated roof and determine fixing methods that would meet the high wind rating of the site.

Leeson Solar won the 2015 Clean Energy Council Solar Design and Installation Award for a System under 15kW for this innovative project.

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