Solar Pays For Itself

It's a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne. You're out in your front yard tidying the garden and you see through your front windows your family inside. Your partner's cooking lunch with your daughter, your sons watching TV and you hear the drum of the air-con running and you find yourself smile. You're smiling because you look up at your new solar installation knowing that right now you're not paying for any of the electricity being used because the sun is providing it for free. Your system cost you only $1000 with the Solar Victoria Rebate and loan and in a few years it will pay itself off through your reduced power bills. You'll continue using free energy and putting those savings towards the family holidays you've wanted to do. It's a good feeling.

Recently we installed a 4.4kw system at Josie's house in Greenvale. Her estimated payback period was 4.5 years; however, as she took the Solar Victoria Rebate we were able to bring her payback period down to just over 2 years!Curious to know how long your payback period would be? We offer a free online tool that helps you create your own solar quote from the layout of your roof in under a minute.

Go to and find out your costings, savings and payback period. Or send us a Facebook message with your roof address and we can do it for you!

For more info on Solar Victoria Rebate, visit here:

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Don't think twice. Leeson started with the idea of making high quality solar power systems accessible for all. How we relate to our customers is a joint vision of helping our planet. For any questions or requests for more details, get in touch with us. 

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