Looking at solar for your home?

It'll save you thousands in electricity bills by providing you free energy from the sun.


Our solar panels have been approved by our engineers to ensure optimum quality on our systems. If we don't use them, their capability is not at our standards. 

solar panels on tin roof
solar tiles on new home build


Leeson Solar manufacture, design and install BIPV solar tiles.


Solar tiles are installed during the new build process and currently through Bristille Roofing.


For inquiries, please email: contact@leesongroup.com.au.


We only use two inverters on our systems, SMA and Fronius. Both are premium quality by trusted brands.


Leeson Solar is an SMA Power Up Partner, therefore we receive their VIP service for our customers.


If there are any queries, contact us and we can organise everything for you. 

sma solar inverter
fronius solar inverter
tesla solar battery


Your solar battery stores your solar energy for use at times when your solar panels are not able to convert light to energy for your home. Times like this are early morning and night. This allows you access to free energy at all times of the day. We specialise in Sonnen and Tesla solar batteries.

sonnen solar battery

Before you contact us, you should know...we are more expensive than most solar companies.

  • Our systems are designed by engineers.

  • We only install with guard rail.

  • Installed by CEC accredited installers.

You'll notice in our photos our installs all have guard rail on the edging of the roof.

This keeps our installers safe. 

Due to the high-risk nature of solar installations and the unfortunate death statistics, we take no risks with the safety of our installers. 

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A: 11/23 Susan Street Eltham, Victoria 

P: 1300 887 007

E: contact@leesongroup.com.au

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Leeson Solar Pty Ltd is a Registered Electrical Contractor in: Victoria REC 26438, Queensland 83411, New South Wales 327043c