Solar for your Home

Solar is an incredible investment to your property.

It increases the value of your home and reduces your carbon footprint.

Your electricity bills can be reduced b​y up to 80% and the system will pay itself off within 3-4 years.


Solar should be implemented prior to your new home build and discussed with your builder, in order to hide wiring.


The beautifully designed solar tile that can be installed currently on new build homes. 

Homes that are already built and established require different wiring to a new build home. 


Your solar system should be checked annually to ensure top system performance.


Our Quality Guarantee

Quality and safety are our highest values at Leeson Group and we hold ourselves accountable to those in everything we do. That is why our systems are designed by CEC certified electrical engineers and are installed by only CEC certified electricians. We take solar seriously so you can feel comfort knowing that your system is performing its best for your home.

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Leeson Solar Pty Ltd is a Registered Electrical Contractor in: Victoria REC 26438, Queensland 83411, New South Wales 327043c