Instantly get a free solar quote for your roof!


Knowing how big or small a system you can have on your roof indicates the pricing and savings you will be looking at. 


Products, quantity and STC's make up the price of your system. The calculator will detail the breakdown of this. 


How much power you are going to use from the solar power system that you would have previously bought from the grid. 


When you're not using your solar energy, it's going back into the grid and you are earning credit from it on your next bill.


The best part is that your solar system pays itself off over the next few years. So you get a system for free and then the free energy it provides for you.

The sooner you learn the pricing for solar panels on your roof the better.

Learn the solar cost for your roof and all its benefits with our free solar calculator tool!

"I didn't want to be on the phone all the time. I just wanted a quick way to see how much solar would be on my roof. I was pleasantly surprised"

Antonelle, Melbourne

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