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Upgrade your energy system

Calculate through this DIY calculator how much your system will save you and our planet.

Solar Calculator

How it works

The Solar Calculator determines your system size, costs, savings and payback period and presents it in an easy to read proposal sent to your inbox.

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It's extremely simple

It takes up to 2 minutes to complete the Solar Calculator and have your proposal sent to you.


Fill in your form details an the calculator will locate your property address for you.


Outline your roof with the tool to determine the number of panels you can fit. 


Remove panels off roof obstructions, like chimneys or sun lights. Then click "Get Quote".

Fill in your form details an the calculator will locate your property address for you.

Frequently asked questions

We are here to help you become more informed about solar and its process.

Is this Solar Quote for free?

Completely. This indicitive solar quote is to give you some insight on what you could be expecting on your roof, based on how many panels you place during your usage of the tool.

Why do I have to provide my details?

We take pride in educating people on solar. After you recieve your proposal, we organise for a solar specialist to give you a quick call and ensure you got everything you needed from the Solar Calculator.

What do I get once I have finished?

You will recieve a detailed proposal that outlilnes your costs, savings, payback period and more for your property. The products are pre-selected with premium products that we have approved with our technical engineers. If you would like a system designed by one of our engineers and recieve a no obligation quote, just let us know.

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Solar Calculator

Let's begin.


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