Upgrade to clean energy in your home.

The Big Winner
How Much Earnings & Savings You Will Have With Solar
When you don't use your solar it goes back into the grid and you receive credit from your electricity provider.
Money you would usually pay an energy provider for is now generated for you freely through your solar power system.
Your System Size With Premium Products
Learn your max system
size for your roof.
Understand a premium product list.
Calculated Costs & Rebates Available For You
A cost breakdown for
solar power on your roof.
Solar rebates available to minimise costs.
How Quickly Your System Will Pay Itself Off
Learn your systems 
payback period.
Standard time is 2-4 years
depending on location.

Free online solar quote generator.

Step 1
Fill Out Details
To personalise your proposal add name, email and property address.
Step 2
Find Property
Find property address on Google Map.
Step 3
Outline Roof
Draw an outline on your roof and panels will automatically place themselves.
Step 4
Clear Obstacles
Click on panels to remove off chimneys, skylights, etc
Step 5
Generate Quote
Generate quote and receive your personalised solar quote direct to your email.
Solar Proposal

I just wanted a quick way to see how much solar would be on my roof. I got that and learnt about things I didn't even know existed.

Antonelle, Melbourne

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