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Our mission

We believe in doing the work now, so our future generations don't suffer. We are transforming the standard systems of solar with innovative designs by engineers and installed by CEC accredited electricians, so you get a high performing system that does what it's supposed to. We will ensure quality, so your bills are reduced and it improves the value of your home.










We are a small boutique solar company that does not push out large quantities of solar. Our focus is on absolute quality.


The Solar panels convert the suns energy into usable energy for your property.


The inverter distributes the converted energy into your home.


If needed, particular for power outage prone areas a battery can also be installed to store energy for use at all times, including night.


We only use premium products approved by our electrical engineers

Our systems are designed by engineers not electricians.

Our systems are custom designed for your roof and energy consumption.

How do we ensure quality for your solar system?





We have for you...

A One Time Free 10 Minute Solar Rundown Consultation

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Hey, I'm Pedro. I'll help you understand the cost for solar, how it increases your savings and helps our planet.

There is Zero Obligation To This Call

Installing solar is one stepping stone to our goal we constantly hold ourselves accountable too, educating people is another - in fact a rather large one!

Step 1

Schedule a time that suits you for your call.

Step 2

Discover if you are energy efficient in your property.

Step 3

Have all our questions answered and more.

Step 4

Receive a detailed proposal outlining your system.

We know what it's like to start looking at solar power and being overloaded with information. That's why we support customers through every stage of the solar process starting with helping them understand how it works and if you qualify.

Have all 6 questions answered in one phone call

How does solar work?


What is the difference between budget friendly and premium products?


Can I put solar on my roof if it's not tilted?


My roof is old, what should I do?


How long before I start saving money?


How does solar power pay itself off?


Your roof can do so much more for you

Make Your Home Sustainable

Provide Free Energy In Your Home

Save You Thousands In It's Lifespan

Get Paid To Feed Back  Into The Grid

Clean Energy Instead Of Fossil Fuels 

Solar photovoltaic panels installed on a

Did you know? Australia has reached a milestone of 2 million households with solar on their rooftops!


Bonus for Victoria Properties

Receive An Online & PDF Proposal For Solar On Your Roof

Free Site Assessment of Switchboard and where Solar Will Go 

We Set You Up On Victoria Solar Portal To Get The Rebate

Share A Post On Facebook and Receive $50 Cash Back

10 Years we have been producing quality solar installations and only recently began asking for reviews. See what people say...


We engaged Leeson Solar to install a 6KW system at our home. The service from our initial discussions and then in seeking the best suited design for maximum output ended with a great result where we're now receiving quarterly credits from our energy provider. We'd highly recommend Leeson Solar for their knowledge, experience and value for money.
Thanks again to the entire Leeson team.


Thank you to Leeson Solar on a great new installation of Solar at my house.The effort in design for a difficult site was thorough, and the final product delivered beyond my expectation. The installation crew did a great job and the customer service during and post installation assisted us understand and optomize the effectiveness of the system.


Such a great experience dealing with Leeson Solar. They installed a system on our place in Upper Ferntree Gully. The whole process was extremely professional from start to end and the system is top quality. I highly recommend Leeson Solar.

And while we are showing off, we might also mention that we have won multiple CEC Solar Design & Installation Awards. 

If you didn't know, this is the most prestigious solar award.

“The global environment is changing; the effect of global warming is devastating the lives of so many. Only through implementing dramatic change can we alter the current path we are on and ensure that our planet provides a sustainable home for future generations.” Peter Leeson, Director of Leeson Group 

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Our solar specialist's job is to educate and design the perfect system for you. So during the call we take consideration of...


Your energy usage.

This helps us identify the exact system size you need. We do not put systems on your roof larger than you need.


Roof size & obstacles.

So we know the space to work with and ensure there is no unessasary shading or issues with the space for optimal efficiency.


Sun & shading year round.

We can view this year-round through satellite to determine the best place for your panels.


What phase your property is.

It determines what products can be used on your home.


If you qualify for Solar Rebate

The rebate can cut the price of your system by 50% if your home is under $3 million and your combined income below $180,000.


If you need a battery or not.

Depending if you are in a common power outage area and would like to not be affected or if you would like to use your solar energy at night.

Because we only do them custom, not packaged!

We guarantee that you will have a full understanding of solar after this video consult so you can make a more informed decision on your system. Otherwise, we will offer you a second consult absolutely free!

Thank you for visiting! We look forward to working with you soon.