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Not sure if your solar system is working correctly?

For Home

Do you have solar power installed on your home and your bills are still high?

For Business

Do you have solar power installed on your business building and it's not performing well?

Experiencing problems with your solar power?

We can help you get it performing as it should.

 Our Solar Maintenance service aim is to make sure your solar power system works faultlessly and at optimal performance.

Causes for underperforming solar systems...

Haven’t had maintenance in a long time and want to know if it’s still working efficiently? Or are you worried about the safety of your system? 

A circuit breaker that trips

Error codes/lights on inverter

Too much shading

Dirt, debris & vermin damage

Damage after a storm event

Increased electricity bills

Solar Maintenance Recommendation

It is recommended to organise a maintenance check for your system every 12 months. This will assist in preventing issues which can cause your system to be unsafe, not work efficiently and affect your savings.

What our CEC certified electricians do for your solar system.

Clean Solar Panels

We will clean all of your PV panels (Optional, by request or if required)

Inspect & Secure Cabling

We will inspect and secure accessible non-enclosed cabling under your PV panels

Panel Deterioration

Check insulation resistance of cabling and panels for deterioration and dangerous shorts to ground

Check System Voltages

Check system voltages, current and output

Prevent Water Ingress

Inspect the state of rooftop cable penetration for deterioration and ability to prevent water ingress.

Measure & Report Earthing

Measure and report earthing continuity to PV panels, mounting system and inverters.

Anti-island Function

Check anti-islanding function of the inverters which is an important safety feature and a requirement by your electricity distributor.

Inspect Defective DC Isolators

Inspect PV system for items such as defective or dangerous DC isolators.

Rodent & Insect Damage

Visible signs of rodent and insect damage, removal of birds’ nests around equipment and report anything affecting the performance of the panels

Error Codes

Check for error codes at the inverter


Take great care of your solar power system today.


Chat to our team to determine if you need a maintenance check.


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