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Looking at solar for your home or property you own? Solar is a fantastic investment that pays for itself within 3 years. Get a quote to find out more on the process and solar for your roof.

Solar for your business is an extremely beneficial investment for the business as most of the energy required is during the day. So your business could be saving up to 80% on power bills with solar.

Utility-scale solar farms are being developed all over the world to help reduce carbon emissions for our planet. We design and develop this large scale solar farms for our planet.


Click here to understand our process on how we help you on your journey and what products our engineers have approved to recommend and use on our jobs for our customers.

Many are surprised to find out that your solar power system should be checked annually to ensure that it continues to work efficiently for your and reduce your electricity bills.

Our company is big on innovation and have designed and developed multiple innovative BIPV solar options for our customers who are looking for a more aesthetically pleasing look to solar.

Generate renewable energy in your home or business. 

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Don't think twice. Leeson started with the idea of making high quality solar power systems accessible for all. How we relate to our customers is a joint vision of helping our planet. For any questions or requests for more details, get in touch with us. 

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Leeson Solar Pty Ltd is a Registered Electrical Contractor in: Victoria REC 26438, Queensland 83411, New South Wales 327043c