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Our Services

A full-service solar provider

A passionate team of engineers building lasting & sustainable solar for the like-minded.
All our systems are custom designed to your property and installed by in-house CEC accredited installers.
After installation we connect your system to the supplier portals and monitor them daily. We are notified before you if there is a problem.
Our systems are designed for high efficiency and built premium for longevity, regardless of size, location or roof obstacles.
What we do

We partner with you.

We don't just design, supply and install your solar system. Everything is a partnership towards our common goal to help our planet.
Solar Consultation

We discuss with you your renewable goals and how you can achieve them.

Virtual Site Inspection

We assess your roof, switchboard and bill to determine what can be achieved.

Free Quotation

We provide you a free quotation through our Open Solar portal with all your data.

Solar System Design

Our engineers design your system with the selected products for high efficiency.

Solar Installation

Our in-house CEC accredited installers install your solar system.

Technical Support

Our team monitor your system through daily reporting to ensure efficiency.

We form lasting relationships

After the installation and we handover all the documentation to you, our relationship doesn't just end there. You are now our lifelong partner and we are here to help you no matter the timeframe.

Would you like an official consultation?

Talk to an expert about your renewable energy goals and have it custom designed by our award-winning engineers.

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