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Be A Hero

You can help the climate emergency.

Solar can reduce your carbon emissions by up to 00%.
Our Approach

It's time for change.

The most significant impact destroying our planet is how we obtain our energy. When we use electricity at home or at work, we are burning fossil fuels; unless you are using renewable energy sources.

What is your ecological footprint?

Most of us are unaware that our individual selves are having such a significant impact on our planet.

Ecological Footprint Calculator
Leeson Solar

How does solar help?

As Australians transition towards renewable energy, solar plays a big part in how we can reduce our carbon emissions.

Who are we? We're Leeson Solar.

Melbourne award-winning engineers, tackling our ecological crisis by helping Australians transform their energy usage at home and at work.

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Custom solar design for your roof
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Premium Products with trusted brands
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Longest industry leading warranties
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We use our own CEC accredited installers
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Online and App monitoring service
The whole installation process was flawless and the office staff were excellent in their quotation and implementation.
Annabelle Porter, Grillz

Would you like a design proposal?

We offer this completely free and with zero obligation, we are just happy you are thinking about how to reduce your impact. Thank you.

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Solar Power System Design
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Costs & Savings
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Return On Investment
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Payback Period
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Financial Help Options
Very professional organisation with great people. They did a great, quality job at our house and delivered on what they promised.
Damian Simmons, Blam

Would you like an official consultation?

Talk to an expert about your renewable energy goals and have it custom designed by our award-winning engineers.

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