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Is solar perfect for your property?

Solar does more than save you money on your bills each year.
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Your partners in solar.

We work with homeowners and established businesses to help reduce their carbon emissions and electricity bills with sustainable solar.
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Driven by our shared passion

We are educated people who care about our planet and know how our individual actions can help our future generations as a whole.

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Partnering with you to achieve your goals

We invest in you, so you feel secure investing with us on your solar journey to achieve your renewable energy goals.

They helped us launch sooner and achieve spectacular results. We are thrilled.
Annabelle Porter, Grillz
Our Work

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With our engineers, we specialise in technical solar. Whether residential, commercial or solar farms, we have the best in our team and are award-winning for it.
“Working with this team is a pleasure. I especially value the career development opportunities.”
Christian Smith, Software Developer
“Timber is an outstanding place to work. They care about their employees and show it.”
Lisa Cho, Software Engineer
“Every team member truly has an impact on the development of the company.”
Anabelle Porter, Customer Support
“Since joining, I’ve had the opportunity to work on projects that I only dreamed of before.”
Ben Clinton, Interface Designer

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