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Are you ready?

In light of the recent world pandemic of COVID, Leeson Group is standing together to remind everyone that this too shall pass.

Interested in how? There are many ways, but here we will focus on your ecological footprint. You can calculate yours here: http://www.footprintcalculator.org/ This will determine the areas you can improve. Be ready for a big eye-opener!

If you think there is room for improvement by individuals to help our planet and you would feel good knowing you are a part of it, it's time to take the lead. Show your community that you are considerate of the effects your actions make. Inspire others to take action on what makes a difference in bringing forward the future we all want to see.

Be brave; start now. Fill out this form, and we will contact you to discuss our simple 6-step process for helping reduce your carbon footprint in a big way with solar.

We have been working towards making the world a better place since 2009. As a CEC-approved solar retailer with award-winning engineers designing innovative quality systems and CEC-accredited electricians installing, we have helped thousands of Australians gain comfort in knowing they're using affordable clean energy for our planet.

Remember this will all pass and so begin to look after our home and the people in it now.


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