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Leeson Solar Wins Clean Energy Council Design and Installation Award

Peter Leeson from the Leeson Group won a Clean Energy Council design and Installation award for a flexible solar power system that curves around a corrugated roof. The system was installed on the Port of Melbourne Corporations Holden Dock Gatehouse.

Our team swiftly installed stage scaffolding, guard rails, a roof access hatch and a fall protection system. These measures ensured the safety of our workers and the general public.

There are several manufacturers of flexible solar modules currently on the market. However, we selected a product manufactured in California for its high solar efficiency. Choosing these modules meant that the system's peak performance was increased by 40 per cent and gave the client a more extended warranty than alternatives.

The mounting system required the most research and engineering for the project. We had to select products to fix to a curved steel corrugated roof and determine fixing methods that would meet the high wind rating of the site. The engineering and development took several months to complete, looking at the different materials on the market and then developing a fixing method that would suit. After careful consideration, we selected a process that used mechanical and adhesive fixings and a low profile cable containment system to meet Australian Standards.

The client was delighted when we informed him that the system was 70% lighter than standard solar panel systems. The end result was a flexible, lightweight and long-lasting solar system overlooking the Port of Melbourne.  Peter was awarded a  Clean Energy Council design and Installation award for the innovative design of this project.

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